Recordings & Repertoire

The recordings and lists of music you find on this page provide a sample of what we've played.  If you have a particular piece or style of music in mind, let us know and we can play it for your concert or event, from the ridiculous to the sublime!


Studio - Recordings captured by our resident audio-engineer, Jade Brown.

DreamersBanana Rag | The Entertainer  | Toy Story Theme  

Lennie Niehuas, "Miniature Jazz Suite" 
The Best of Times  |
Gospel Truth | Pastrami on Rye |
  A Half Dozen Plus One


Live - Recordings captured by audience members

Toy Story Theme  | The Entertainer


God So Loved the World | J S Bach Grand Overture in Bb: Allegro Assai | AndantePresto

Amor S'apprende | Blut Nur, du Liebe Herz! | O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings 


Our Current Reportoire (What's in our book)

Example Saxophonia Concert Program   | Program Notes

Example Sacred Concert Program

Example Wedding and Wedding Reception Program | Program Notes