The Quartet

We're a group of dedicated saxophonists with a love for music written for four saxophones.  We've played together (John and Bob since 1977) in big bands and other jazz and blues ensembles, but came together as a quartet in Summer 2010. 


The Musicians

You can read our bios here, but in general, everyone in the group holds a degree in music, has continued to study and perform music seriously most of their lives and does or has focused on music as a career: Heather is a high school band director; Bob has a Masters in Music Performance, studied with some very prominent classical saxophonists, and performed in or directed music for most of his career; Jade has a degree in saxophone performance and represents artists as a practicing attorney; and John studied music and saxophone performance then made his living as a musician for a couple of years and a lifetime as a semi-professional musician. 


The Music

We play the widest imaginable repertoire a saxophone quartet can play (which is saying something since there are sax quartet arrangements for everything from Bach chorales to Jimi Hendrix's "Foxy Lady").  Our complete catalog is constantly growing and listed here along with a few representative recordings.  

Why?  So that we can get more performance opportunities!!!  We love to play, and having a performance to look forward to makes a big difference in our focus as a group--so book us for your next event !!! 

We're easy on your budget, true professionals, easy to work with, and we can guarantee you'll be delighted with our performance.   


The Venues

Concerts, Festivals, Events, Weddings, Corporate Gatherings, Parties and more.  We can sound like a rock band.  We can sound like a string quartet.  We can sound like a jazz band.  We can sound like a vocal group.  We can sound like a sax quartet.  (You get the idea.)